Hi families! 
Are you celebrating Turkey Day at home with your kids this year?  If you're like me, you have made some adjustments to this year's Thanksgiving(*cough- thanks 2020 quarantine). So perhaps not everyone is thrilled about these downsizing changes.  You may be cooking a turkey for the first year, missing Grandma's secret pie recipe, or that big family game of flag football.  No matter which way you split the wish bone, no one is getting the traditional Thanksgiving they wished for this year. 

My motto for 2020 Thanksgiving:

Luckily, thanks to the AWESOME people at Macy's, we can still count on one tradition that kicks off that first cozy cup of coffee in your pjs- MACY's THANKSGIVING DAY PARADE!

Like everything, the parade will look differently, but most kids will not pick up on this.  Especially if they are immersed in the fun activities that Macy's and myself have put together! 
Find these cool STEAM projects for at home and fun pintables from Macy's HERE

Get the kids to sit down and watch every minute of this THREE hour long party down 34th street and earn yourself the time you'll need to figure out how to perfect a pie crust... (or at least unroll the frozen dough before your husband see's he's NOT getting handmade pie like your Mother-in-law makes every year.)  You do you!  

Whatever way to get food on the table and make this holiday work, if it happens in your kitchen- then it's your rules!  If two hours into the parade something starts burning and the coffee runs out, guess that means its time to pour some wine in that coffee cup.  This is 2020 after all. 

 And for some distractions for the kids start here: Grab some candy corn to mark their spots and download your own copies of my 2020 Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Bingo HERE for set of two and HERE a second set.

If the parade is over and you still haven't gotten food your kids will eat ready- throw some snacking crafts their way with this Chex cornucopia!  (Sure its mostly sugar, but its a holiday right?)  Plus, this is great time to clear out any random left over Halloween candy or odd crumbles from your pantry!   This is beginning to sound like my Mom's hodge-podge of any remaining cereal thrown into her annual camping "Rice Krispy treats" (which contained more stale non-rice Krispy cereal than anything else.)  But the point is- we still ATE IT!  And your kids will too, if its presented in a fun and festive DIY craft form!  

And as we celebrate this year in many new styles of gatherings, we will still find someone or something to be grateful for!  In fact, you may be so thankful for that someone, that you care enough to keep them safe by staying home and phoning in or video chatting with them this Thanksgiving!  My daughter made handprint turkeys for all of our family members that we wont be celebrating with and mailed them out in time for her little turkeys to decorate their table tomorrow.  We will all find our way that works for our family.

My wish is everyone will find a way to bring joy, compassion and gratefulness into their home and hearts this holiday season- no matter where or how you celebrate this year.

Now go fill up on some pie and wine and enjoy whatever wonder you created in your kitchen this year and give yourself a pat on the back girl!  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

Party on,